What bothers me in Brussels

Was mich in Brüssel stört

After moving from Hamburg to Brussels, I was able to digest the first impressions of the new country and the new city. I have also got used to the two and a half languages spoken here (Flemish, French and partly English). Most of the time, everything here is bilingual: ticket vending machines for public transport, advertising, signs, etc. As I live close to the European quarter, I have never been far from supermarkets, bars and other places. So far I feel very comfortable here, but here is what bothers me in Brussels:

Garbage, traffic, deposit: What bothers me in Brussels!

  1. Garbage on the streets

    Streetart: Waste management in Brussels

    Streetart: Waste management in Brussels

    The system with the garbage disposal is quite unfamiliar for a German. Garbage collection comes once or twice a week. Depending on the quarter, the garbage bags for residual waste, paper and plastic also have different colours. Garbage bags are best bought at the local supermarket nearby. Then, on certain days, the people of Brussels put their garbage bags outside the door in the evening so that they can be collected the next morning from the garbage collection service. Apparently, the bags are not always tied up properly. In strong winds, this often leads to the waste being distributed across the streets. In addition, birds tear the bags, which has the same effect.

  2. The droppings on the sidewalks

    I don’t know why, but Brussels has a massive stool problem! With every step you have to look at the floor to avoid stepping into one of the stinking shit traps. Excuse my language, but I’m afraid it is. Once too deep in the conversation, once too much on the smartphone looked and the probability of stepping into dog excrement, increases by a multiple.

  3. Deposit

    For the most part, Belgium does not (yet) have a deposit. Only for selected bottles you have to put something on top of it when buying. As a result, a lot of plastic accumulates in the household and a lot of garbage accumulates in the streets. And that hurts the German environmentalist spirit. We are no longer used to seeing empty beer cans on the roadside.

  4. Traffic

    The dense traffic of cars and buses hits commuters pretty hard and is definitely a minus point. Numerous construction sites and redirection signs create even more chaos. The best navigation system does not help the newcomer if many roads are closed due to construction works..

But if it’s nothing else? As a German I think I’m quite spoiled when it comes to neatness and traffic behaviour. Despite that Brussels has a lot to offer with its cultural attractions and sightseeings.


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