Supermarkets in Brussels

Supermarkets in Brussels: Delicious tartlets at Delhaize

When you move to a foreign country or even go on holiday there, visiting a supermarket can be particularly exciting and exciting. For those who move to Belgium or France, I have listed here some differences to German supermarkets. I usually go to the Delhaize supermarket. Of course here are also Aldi or Lidl, which are similar to Germany. The supermarkets in Brussels have their peculiarities and the following tips could be helpful for newcomers:

  • In general, most food and especially hygiene articles are more expensive than in Germany. This has only recently been proven in a study. However, it is not quite clear why this is the case. In any case, I mainly buy hygiene products such as shampoo, creams etc. when I am in Germany.
  • In contrast to German supermarkets, some fruits and vegetables are cooled. I must have been looking for the ginger for ten minutes :D…I found it on a refrigerated vegetable counter.
  • There is a large selection of fresh ready-made dishes and ready-cut vegetables.
  • Vegetable bouillon and spice mixtures of Knorr or Maggi Fix  are either not available at all or only in a very small selection. In addition, these foods are much more expensive. Here, too, I usually help myself in Germany and buy from stock.
  • There is less the discount culture in Delhaize than offers à la: “Buy 2 and the 3rd is free”. Or buy 1 and get the 2. for 50%. In my opinion, this sometimes leads to the purchase of quantities of food that are not needed at all. Especially with fish or meat I get a guilty conscience.
  • This leads me to another difference: the packaged amount of meat. There are Maxipacks with 700-900 grams, which are already too much for a 2-person household in my eyes. Then there are small packs of 200-300 grams. Even after half a year in Brussels I still need 5-10 minutes in front of the meat counters until I have decided.

Supermarkets in Brussels are full of delicacies

  • What made me so enthusiastic right from the start was the cake and pie corner. I love it! There are always different cakes, tarts and mousse. The Belgians can do that. After all, it is also the secret home of chocolate :).

Belgians generally spend more on food. My impression is that they would rather spend money on good food than on an expensive car.


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