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Welcome to Travel-Mel, my personal European Travel Blog.

Hi there, my name is Melanie. I grew up in a nice German town (about 80.000 citizien) called Minden. After school, I lived in the probably most beautiful city in the world: Hamburg!

European Travel Blog - Hamburg, Germany: Speicherstadt at sunset

European Travel Blog – Hamburg, Germany: Speicherstadt at sunset

I studied film and tv and started to work for a communication agency. After more than 10 years in Hamburg, it is time to pack my stuff and journey on. I will live in Brussels for the next two years and start a new chapter of my life. What I am going to do? Well, I will still work some hours a month for my old agency in Hamburg, doing homeoffice. But I also want to travel through Belgium, get to know new places, blog my experiences and maybe even start a dissertation. It’s something I still have to figure out.

I love to hike, I love inline skating, but I also love to go to the movies and play some Playstation ­čśë

I have to admit: I am afraid of planes, flying etc., but that should never stop me from experiencing new areas and countries. That is why I prefer to travel through Europe: less spending time on planes, less stress! And that is why I will concentrate on european traveling.


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