Brussels: Waffles, Beer and Politics

Waffeln in Belgien

I have been living in Brussels for about three months now and I would just like to give you a few suggestions on how you can spend a day in Brussels. Brussels simply includes waffles, beer and some politics. ­čśë


If you like it intellectually and culturally, you can visit some museums. I have recently visited the Comic Museum and the House of European History. The entrance is free of charge.

Beer culture

For beer lovers, Belgium or Brussels is perfect! There are many different types of beer to try in the pubs and bars. And there are also many different “Beer Tasting” possibilities. I enjoyed a “Beer Tasting” (Rue de la Colline 24) directly at the Grand Place in the city centre. A long line of faucets let us know that you are allowed to do it yourself. With a charged chip card you can call up information about the respective variety at each tap and then tap yourself. But carefully! The location is really only suitable for the preliminary tasting of many different types of beer. The concept of the location is that you only have to take a small sip and then order your favourite beer at a more suitable price in another bar. I thought the idea was very funny.

"Beer Tasting" in Brussels

“Beer Tasting” in Brussels

The European Parliament in Brussels

A visit to the European Parliament or a walk in the European Quarter is part of a visit to Brussels. The elected representatives of the member states meet regularly there and pass laws for the EU – such as abolishing roaming charges. Incidentally, in 2019 there will be the next election of MEPs for the European Parliament. The parliament offers not only something for those interested in politics with its possibility to visit the building, but is also an architectural feast for the eyes due to its location at the old railway station.

The European Parliament in Brussels

The European Parliament in Brussels

Culinary highlights: French fries and waffles

My consumption of french fries and waffles has increased tremendously here in Brussels… but they can! Even frozen French fries taste better here than in Germany. You can get French fries and waffles everywhere in the city centre – and you can’t really reach for them. For example, Fritland at 49 rue Henri Maus 49 is very popular – the long lines confirm its popularity. For example, you can get waffles directly at Manneken Pis. When I’m in town, I like to indulge in a chocolate waffle at Vital Gaufre on 23-29 rue Neuve, perhaps you’d like to combine waffle-eating with downtown shopping or a stroll to Brussels’ small and old landmark: the Manneken Pis.

Chocolate as a souvenir?

Strolling through the city centre of Brussels, you will notice the dozens of chocolate shops. Chocolates and Belgian chocolate are available on every corner. Until now, I have only bought Belgian chocolate bars in the supermarket because the chocolates in the shops were simply too expensive for me. But as a gift for family and friends, Belgian chocolate is always a suitable gift, whether it comes from the supermarket or a specialist shop.


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